My favorite quesadilla recipe

Though many quesadilla recipes are extraordinarily tasty, some of them are simply irresistible. I can’t name one that is my favorite, but I can name one that I love preparing often and that has been exceptionally successful in delighting all my guests and friends. This is the corn and black beans quesadilla. It is easy to make and you can serve it with various types of sauce. Moreover, this simple recipe doesn’t need many ingredients or spices that may prove difficult to find, and is what you may call a cheap recipe.

To cook it at home you need a couple of tortillas (you find them in supermarkets), some mayonnaise (low fat if you wish), cheddar cheese, canned beans and corn, green onions and salsa. The salsa you can also buy from the supermarket or make at home. I prefer the latter as it is much tastier and also healthier. For a basic salsa you need onions, tomatoes, tomato pasta, peppers and condiments (pepper, salt, oregano, cumin).

You begin the cooking process by mixing the salsa, cheese and the mayonnaise together in a pot. Put them away until the quesadilla filling stage. Start the cooking process by placing one tortilla in the tortilla maker. Spread the mixture made with the salsa, the mayonnaise and the cheddar cheese on top of it. After this, add the beans, corn and onions in even quantities on the surface of the tortilla. On top of all that add a second tortilla and close the lid of the maker. Don’t forget to sprinkle the mixture of mayonnaise, salsa and cheddar cheese on the second tortilla as well, for a better taste.

Though you can cook this dish using a skillet as well, the advantage of using a specialized utensil is that you won’t have to turn the quesadilla to have it fried on both sides. Moreover, you can set the maker to fry the tortilla more or less, according to your taste.

At the end, you need to take out the quesadilla from the maker and cut it into several triangles of various sizes, depending on how many guests you have or how big you want the portions to be. Happily, some quesadilla makers are designed so that they cut it in pieces when they cook it. This is another great perk offered by this wonderful appliance, as it spares you the process of cutting the round tortilla by yourself, which often pushes the filling over the edges. It happens to me all the time.

How to find a reliable weather radio?


Weather radios are indeed very useful, especially when you live in an area prone to bad weather conditions and natural disasters. So, if you are up to buying a weather radio for yourself, do read these useful instructions that will help you buy the right and reliable weather radio.


Weather radio or an emergency radio

A weather radio informs you about the sudden changes in weather and about the severe weather conditions. In contrast the emergency radio informs you about the events and provide primitive weather forecast. I would advise you to have both if you live in an area prone to natural disasters and weather disasters.

Some important features to look for –

Here are a few important features to look for when you buy a weather radio:



Look for a radio that has a “Public alert” and “NWR all hazards” logo. The weather radios which bear these logos meet the standard level for National Weather service and reliability. The radios without such logos are not subjected to be of degraded quality but the logos are a mark of assurance that the radios are reliable and of standard quality.


SAME technology

SAME stands for Specific Alert Message Encoding which is the technology feature of a weather radio that lets you configure the sound alerts only for the area you live in. This is useful because it lets you focus only on the information more important to you and avoid useless alerts.


Multitude powering

it is handy to have a weather radio that offers multiple power sources. The power sources that most radios offer, includes battery, solar panel, electric powering and car charger that makes it easier for a radio to last in absurd emergency conditions.

Alarm types

If you have a differently-abled member in your family then you can by  a weather radio offering visual and vibration alarms. There are radios available that have selective alarm configuration feature that will let you turn off alarms for non-life-threatening alerts. Radios also come featuring different alarms for alerts of different types to draw your attention every time the alert of your interest come.


Buying a hand crank weather radio can be much easier if you go looking for the above mentioned features and compare the radios according to your lifestyle need . Also take care of your budget, and go for a trustable brand.



Why I love my new fish finder: the Garmin Striker 4

I usually fish in deep and saltwater, therefore it is quite difficult for me to detect the spots in which fish are to be found. Acquiring a fish finder was on my list since as long as I can recall. Unfortunately, this small device is not an instrument you can acquire at a small budget, so I had to wait until recently, when my financial situation allowed such an investment. The model I chose comes from Garmin, a manufacturer that produces high-quality GPS units. I bought a car GPS from them a couple of years ago that I was really satisfied with, so I figured I could rely on them in this circumstance as well. And I was right. This portable device is endowed with a sensitive GPS that will accurately keep track of your position, while the Waypoint Map will help you calculate your position in relation to other mapped points.

Though having reduced dimensions, the front of the device is vastly occupied by its large screen that allows you to receive clear images of the water bottom, in which you can even spot small plants and asperities of the relief due to the high-resolution of the screen of 480H x 320V pixels. Due to its size, the screen can be split up in two separate images. The device works on a dual frequency of 77/200 kHz, which makes it appropriate for both deep and shallow waters. I rarely use it for shallow waters, but even so, it can come in handy in unexpected situations. When it comes to depth capabilities, this small instrument functions up to the limit of 1,600 ft (487 m) in freshwater and 750 ft (228 m) in saltwater, which is plenty for most fishing conditions. The unit is even more effective due to the fact that you can set it to filter out other noises that may interfere with its locating accuracy.

The Garmin is easily operated through a small number of controls placed at the bottom. You will surely appreciate the sturdy build of the product and its rugged surface, as they both scream quality and indicate a long lifespan. The materials with which the device is built are waterproof, so if it gets wet it won’t break or malfunction. The unit was also designed to withstand water submersion, but no more than 1m so if you drop it, you might want to retrieve it as quickly as possible.


How to recover after a long run – use a foot spa


We all experience  pains aches in legs and feet after a long run, walk or exercise. Sometimes it can be quite frustrating and can unbearable. We tend to use all measures to get relief from it, be it applying pain reliever or taking in pain killers, but these only provide slight relief and are often useless when the pain is severe.

I used to do the same until I learned about this magical foot spa thing that can drive away all the foot pain completely within a few minutes.

Amazed? I understand, I couldn’t believe it myself when I first heard it, before I came by one such spa session myself! The sooth  and relaxation it provides, after the treatment is incomparable.


The science behind this magic

Muscles sore when they get tired that is when they lose energy due to work out, walking and running etc. Foot spa enhances blood circulation of the body and relieves the contracted muscles and joints. As the blood circulates more rapidly after the spa, the muscles regain their lost energy leading to a decrease in pain.

The enhanced blood circulation is also useful in relieving stress and tension, which heals the headache if any.

A foot spa is not only helpful in healing temporary muscle sore, but can be great help in lessening arthritis pain. Taking foot spa on a regular basis, can give a huge relaxation to even the severest arthritis pain. Using seaweeds in the foot spa can prove to be a huge pain reliever to arthritis patients.

Some important cautions

After reading all these benefits of a foot spa you might be willing to go for one right now. But before you go for it, note that a person suffering from diabetes is forbid to have foot spa.

Moreover if you suffering from weak blood circulation in feet or if you have any infection, varicose veins or any kind of cuts or sores on your feet, do not go for it.

People who are on a pacemaker are forbid  to use electrical foot spa.

Thus, if you suffer from leg pain after you return from a long run (and do not have any of the above conditions) then a foot spa is your savior. You will love having it and get addicted right after the first session itself. Do try it, they are just magical!




How to find affordable bass fishing gear?

Quality fishing equipment can require a great investment of both money and time to purchase it. Bass is one of the species for which you should make the time and money to acquire special gear. If you are on a tight budget, but still want to find a great fishing combo, you’ll have to think ahead and come up with an efficient strategy that will not completely empty your pockets and will also provide you with some great equipment.

Document yourself on the best rod and reel combos for this type of fishing. This you can easily do on the internet, watching YouTube videos or accessing various blogs that cover bass fishing. These will provide you with a general idea on the price and options available on the market. You’ll notice that many fishermen will recommend a rod and reel combo or just a rod that you can team up with a suitable reel. You should acquire one that you find suitable, but only after having thoroughly checked the market offers.

Once you have written down your favorite pieces of equipment, check to see at what price they come and what are the most convenient price offers you can find on the internet. The online environment is the most suitable when you are trying to find products at a good price, as most companies offer cheap or even free transportation and substantial price cuts. If you’re opting for a ready-made combo, you should acquire these from reputable manufacturers that often team-up great products at fairly reduced prices.

If you don’t manage to find an option that you believe is acceptable in terms of both quality and money, you can turn to second hand gear. It is, I believe better to acquire a second hand item from a well-known and reputed brand than a cheap new one from an obscure company. A good rod is created so that it lasts for many years and some of the offers coming from private owners or on specialized sites, can make you the happy possessor of a high-quality piece of equipment for which you can pay less than half you would have paid for a new one. In addition, you could acquire combos from professionals or experienced fishermen who know how to maintain and combine their gear. This is probably one of the best options you have, if you’re looking for high-quality gear for bass at a cheap price.

How to find a good radar detector for your motorcycle


Breezy weather and driving your bike passionately is your thing? Then you must have been very familiar with the ticketing sessions. Yes, one of that is enough to ruin all your enjoyment. Not just that, they will also make your pocket loose a substantial weight.

If this is something that you want to avoid next time, without sacrificing all the fun, then you must get a radar detector to prevent you from such times of difficulty.

Radar detector is a simple radio receiver that will detect radar gun’s signals and will alarm you whenever you approach the areas where these devices are being used for traffic surveillance. However, radar detectors are no more just a simple radio receiver in today’s time. There are several other factors that are to be determined before selecting one such unit for you.

Therefore, here we’ve gathered some useful instructions that will guide you in buying a perfect radar detector for your motorcycle.


The Suitable Kind

Radar detectors are of three types, corded, cordless and remote-mounted. While remote-mounted units are best for four-wheelers, the  corded detectors have to be fixed in a proper location, which is just impossible in case of motorcycles with no dashboard or flat space. Corded detectors come with power cables that may become troublesome for bike owners.

For the motorbike owners a cordless radar detector is a perfect option.


Detection Range

Look for a detector that offers broad range of signal detection. A good radar detector should be able to detect X, K, Ka and if possible laser bands.


Sensitivity is an important factor to consider in a radar detector and it must be at least 10 db. Also check for features like city mode and highway mode, as they are helpful in adjusting sensitivity according to the place you are travelling through.


The VG-2 Thing

There are devices called radar detector detectors (RDD), which are used to detect the presence of radar detectors in any area. Hence a VG-2 technology feature in your radar will alarm you about the presence of RDD devices. Science is amazing, isn’t it?

You can also look for additional features such as GPS technology and Smartphone compatibility in your radar detectors.

I hope that these points have helped you build a basic understanding of what things you must start from, before buying a radar detector. And in case you’re still doubtful about which brand to look for, take a quick glance on the reviews of some Radar detectors available on online shopping sites.



How much should you spend on sump pumps?


A sump pump not only keeps your basement free from flooding and but also keeps you safe from some serious health issues that the stagnant water may harm you and your family. This is the reason why sump pump becomes a necessary equipment of your house, especially in rainy seasons. It keeps the sump free of water on its own by automatically draining it to the municipal drainage, after a certain rise in water level.

Now, when you have decided to finally purchase a sump pump for your home then it is wise to research a bit and learn about the money that is advised to be spent for an appropriate sump pump.

Average expense review

For an archetypal model of general purpose sump it may cost you $100- $300, on the basis of the material used, flow rate and horsepower. Plastic-made sump pumps will cost less than the metal-made ones.

Buying a sump pump with a built-in backup may cost you around $300-$500 and higher heavy duty model of solid brass may run about $250-$350. The most expensive model may range up to $600-$1200.

However, it is advisable to spend only on the basis of your needs. If you do not face heavy flooding and require only a few liters to be drained off, then there is no point of buying any expensive model just for the sake of satisfaction.


Installation costs

A general self installation of basin, gravel, pump and cement will cost you $150 to $350. If you include labor charge then it will run about $250-$600. It is advised to not try to do it yourself unless you have the complete knowledge the work because any certain error may cost you more than what you save, later.

Additional elements

If you want to get a separate battery or water powered emergency sump pump for a back-up, then it will only charge you $150-$350, again depending on the material used, horsepower and other features. A back-up pump is useful in operating, in case the sump pump somehow fails due to power failure etc.

If you also want to add drainage system to the sump basin in order to avoid tearing of the basement floor later, you can get a base-board style drain installed, at an approximate cost of $1000-$1300 for a 20×30 foot basement.

These are approximate costs and are subjected to change according to the local pay scale of your area. However, it is useful in getting a  right idea of how much money you need to spend according to your needs and desires.


Get a backup camera for your RV as soon as possible.


A recreational vehicle is indeed a heavy thing to drive, pull up and park. And since human skull can’t rotate 360⁰ we are bound to take help of the objects that can help in viewing the rear end. But days are gone when a rear view mirror was all a vehicle required, especially when it is as huge as a recreational vehicle. In today’s time, if you own an RV, then you can’t go without a backup camera for it. RV Backup camera is a very essential accessory for any vehicle and very especially for RV. The reason is that an RV is first of all, too heavy to drive and travel and two, any accidental scratch or denture can hurt your pocket substantially. Moreover you must care for the people and other vehicles too.

Hence You Need a Backup Camera for Your RV

If you don’t believe me, then you can read the following benefits of a backup camera for RV and judge it yourself –

  • View of your choice: They are more useful than a rear view mirror as they are easily mounted at any desired location. This means that you can have a view of the rear portion from whichever angle you like.
  • The owl vision: Backup cameras come with an additional feature of utilizing LED – infraRED lights for a night view. Amazing right? These cameras with night view feature help you see the in the dark, just like owls.
  • Zero fuss: Do not imagine yourself entangled with long cables and wires because backup cameras also come with wireless technology making it so much comfortable for you to get them installed.
  • Watch and listen too: Many backup cameras come with yet another additional feature. You can connect microphones along with the cameras in order to not only watch but also hear whatever is going on behind your back :D. Imagine your wife shouting that you are about to hit a tree but you are eyes are not on the LCD and then the one and only microphone feature becomes your savior.


So now you get me ? Backup cameras are a very useful and important accessory for recreational vehicles. These cameras help you enhance your range of vision greatly and also deduct the chances of a fuss while driving and parking such a heavy and expensive vehicle cum home of yours!

So buy a backup camera for your RV right today. Happy Rving!




Why make yogurt at home?

The benefits of yogurt are many and people who consume this great product could name at least a few that they’ve experienced on their own. Even so, why should you make it at home when there are plenty of options available in supermarkets?

Firstly, it is natural. That means that it will provide you with all the benefits that any other yogurt will without the added sugars and chemical ingredients that supermarket yogurt contains.

Of course, there are bio shops where you can find natural yogurt, but this can also mean it comes at an increased price. If you choose to prepare it at home, you’ll just have to invest once in a yogurt maker and some quality milk. You won’t only save a lot of money, but you’ll get the opportunity to say you did it yourself.

You are able to control the quantities, the ingredients you put in and the texture of your yogurt. If you choose to add skimmed milk instead of fat milk, you can do so. If you want your yogurt to be thicker, you can incubate it for a longer period of time in the yogurt maker.

Homemade yogurt is environmental friendly, if you take into consideration that yogurt is mainly packed in plastic encasements. You can store yours in glass jars of your choice or keep it in the containers provided by your yogurt maker. This way you’ll reduce the quantity of plastic materials in the world, which is no small thing.

You can make it taste anyway you want and invent new flavors. Though the yogurt market is overfilled with a huge amount of varieties, there’s always one you can’t find but you’d like to try. If you make plain yogurt at home, you can add any flavor you want or mix a bunch of them in one type of yogurt. Who knows, maybe you obtain a miraculous, natural recipe you can commercialize.

You get the opportunity to try cooking basic foods on your own. If you take the risk of making your own batch of yogurt you prove yourself that you are entirely capable of it and, thus that you can do a whole lot more by yourself without anybody’s help. You’ll see that in no time you’ll start making all sorts of things that you couldn’t even thought possible until then.

Last, but not least, remember that if you make your own yogurt, you keep alive a 5000 years old cooking method, hence you preserve a historical human activity.


The Fuller Brush Spiffy Maid

The Fuller Brush Spiffy Maid seemed like a convenient and maneuverable option that could replace my old vacuum cleaner. As it was lightweight and fitted with a long and easy to steer handle, I believed it could also help me with my back pain, because I didn’t have to bend or move a lot while sweeping. It had an integrated crevice tool as a bonus and, at the time I bought it, I really needed something for my cushions and couch. Even if this is a corded product, the cord is long enough to allow the broom to cover all corners in a room without you needing to plug it in and unplug it each time you put it to use.


When I acquired this product, I knew it was designed to work on hard floors especially, and that it would deliver weaker performances on carpets and bulky textures, but I didn’t expect it to deliver such poor results. Besides the superficial messes stuck into my fluffy living room carpet, this product isn’t making much of a difference to its general appearance. But, as the manufacturer didn’t recommend it for its carpet sweeping capacity, I wasn’t too annoyed with the fact. The broom makes a pretty good job on hard floors ( more details about this I wrote here) and low carpets with the one condition that you change the filter often, if not, it partially loses its sweeping capacity.

The process of changing the filter is complicated, because you have to unscrew the product each time you do it, and, in time, you need to do it more and more often, to ensure a quality sweeping. As such, it takes a long time and it is a niggling job. Another thing that I find unsatisfying is that you cannot empty the dust cup if you don’t remove the nozzle first.  As you may easily conclude, in terms of practicality, this broom is quite poorly designed.


In addition, I expected the broom to be more lightweight, but it is not. Probably my back pain makes it harder for me to maneuver it, but I’ve seen other products in this category and they seemed much lighter than this one. As such, it gives me a hard time every time I need to sweep, especially if I have to use it for longer cleaning sessions.


All in all, I believe I paid for it much more than it was worth it and for that kind of money, I could’ve bought a more efficient cleaning utensil. I will probably not buy from Fuller again.


Working metal with a drill press – my advice

Drilling metals is a tricky skill. Since metals are thin yet hard, it is important to work according to their behaviour or else one might end up creating something useless or waste.

So, if you are surfing for some genuinely useful advice over working with metals with a drill press, then keep reading.

The Right Speed for the Right Drill

Whenever you are drilling a metal, it is very important to choose the right drilling speed. The manufacturer’s recommended speeds are probable speeds and implying the general rule, softer the metal and smaller the bit, faster will be the speed required.

For drilling metals it is important to use high speed drill bits. The size of the bits may range from 1/64 inch to 1 inch in diameter. For making holes greater than 1 inch you can use a hole saw which is actually a toothed cylinder that can bore diameters up to 6 inches and dig up to two-third of its own height.


Suitable Bits to Drill Metals

Metal drilling demands precision and hence the drill press is always a best choice for carrying out the metal drilling. However, without suitable bit, even the best machine will not result in quality work. Hence it is very important to choose the bit wisely, especially while working with metals.

There are two basic kinds of drill bits that are used while working around metals. One is ‘high-speed twist bit’, for cutting metals thicker than 1/4 inches. For all the other metals thinner it is advised to use ‘sheet-metal bits’ that cut a clean edge around the hole.

Safety is Crucial

  • DO NOT use your hands to hold the metal, ever while drilling. Instead, use C-clamps to get it gripped. You can also use drill press vises that are designed to fasten odd shapes and small pieces.
  • Don’t wear loose clothes, if your shirt is hanging out, tuck it. If your sleeves are long, roll them. Also you must not wear gloves as it might get caught in the bit.
  • Never work without safety goggles.
  • Fasten the work tightly because if loosely gripped, it may get caught by the spinning bit or fly away.


Hence, keep in mind all of these, while working on metals to avoid mishaps.

Now that you have carefully read all of the above, you can now confidently start working on metals, without getting nervous. Remember, more you practice, the most you learn!! If you are not sure which one is the best for you click here to read drill press reviews.


How to find a good truck tent for your Tacoma?


Already loving the camping trips on your Tacoma? You’ll love it more if you buy a truck tent for you. Tacoma and truck tents, these two are just the right pair  of equipment you need for any adventure trip that you dream of. If you are still wondering why it is advised to have truck tent over a regular tent, then I would like to tell you that a truck tent is designed to be installed on truck, SUV and Tacoma platforms so that you are spared of sleeping on the hard, uncomfortable and infection-prone ground. It is safer and convenient than regular ground tents and is considered best for camping.

In this article, I have some short tips and instructions to help you out in buying a good roof top truck tent for your Tacoma camping adventures.


The size of the tent should be according to the Tacoma platform because a bigger tent might just not fit on and restrict installation .

There are truck tents available that are designed particularly for Tacoma and have according arrangements for the same. But these tents go only with the vehicle they are designed for. There are tents available called universal tents, which can go with all types of vehicles, and are a better option.


Accordance with the season

Tents are available in individual seasons, three season and four season categories.

The individual season tents are for a particular season and the other two are for multiple seasons. The weight and price of these ranges according to the number of seasons it can go with. Heavier tents are costlier.

Other features

  • The height and size of the tent should not only go with the vehicles but also with your dimensions. So if you are tall or habitual of stretching then choose a truck tent accordingly.
  • Look for a strong material tent pole because tent poles are responsible for the stability and erectness of the tent.
  • Look for rain flies that allow awning. Rain flies keep you safe from rainy season and keep you warm and those with awning provide extra space for storage of small items.
  • Mesh panels are responsible for keeping you cool in summer seasons and allow ventilation inside the tent. So look for multiple mesh panels if you are going to camp around in summers.
  • You may look for additional loops inside the truck tent that will allow you hang the powered lanterns and lamps.

Buy from a reliable brand and read customer reviews before buying.